Capital T Theatre


Capital T Theatre Company is an artist driven company devoted to the transformation of both the artist and the audience through a shared theatrical experience. We seek to develop new talent by creating opportunities for artists of vision at an early stage in their career. We strive to bring new audiences to the theatre by inspiring and challenging them with bold works that represent the diverse world in which we live.


  1. To compensate actors and production crew for their talent and time.
  2. To produce at least three productions a year, of which there is a diverse range of classical, contemporary, and new works.
  3. To cultivate local talent by giving at least one actor, designer, crewmember, director, or playwright their first professional credit in each production.

Capital T Theatre Company

  • Mark Pickell – Artistic Director
  • Brian Ray – Business Manager
  • Kaulen Taylor – Marketing Director
  • Erin Taylor – Box Office Manager
  • Laura Cheek – New Audience Development
  • Carrie Klypchak – Literary Manager

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