by Capital T Theatre

Nov. 06 (2016)

Somewhere in the suburbs, Isaac has returned from the wars to help take care of his ailing father, only to discover a household in revolt. The insurgent: his mom. Liberated from an oppressive marriage, with Isaac’s newly out transgender sibling as her ally, she’s on a crusade to dismantle the patriarchy. But in Taylor Mac’s sly, subversive comedy, annihilating the past doesn’t always free you from it.



AUDITIONS FOR HIR by Taylor Mac Sunday November 6, 2016 from 12-4 pm

Capital T is pleased to announce auditions for HIR by Taylor Mac, directed by Delanté G. Keys.

Non-Union Actors between the ages of 20 and 60 of all races, genders, and physical abilities strongly encouraged to attend.

Non-cis-gender males or genderqueer persons (ages 18 – 25) strongly encouraged to audition for role of Max

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. All actors will be paid.



Max Connor– (transgender male, 17) child of Paige and Arnold; sibling to Isaac. Max is now homeschooled by Paige and is extremely isolated in this suburban town. Max wants to escape hir hometown and forge a life in a more progressive environment. Max attempts to stand up to Arnold, a formerly abusive father who sent Max to the emergency room three times. Max does this through intellectual means and (for the most part) following Paige’s anti-orthodox rules. The actor playing Max should be someone who was born a biological female and now identifies as transgender or gender-queer.

Issac Connor– (cisgender male, age 24)  son of Paige and Arnold; Max’s brother. Neither popular nor a complete outcast in high school, Isaac could not find a job or afford to go to college after graduating. Isaac has just returned from two years in the Afghan war, where he worked in Mortuary Affairs caring for the body parts of marines killed in combat. He was dishonorably discharged after getting caught using a methamphetamine. Isaac seeks to reassert his father’s values of order and cleanliness, despite Paige’s wishes. He’s overwhelmed by Max’s transition, but does his best to understand. He was looking forward to coming home to his family, but home is not at all as he left it.

Paige Connor– (female, age 55) Max and Isaac’s mother and Arnold’s wife. After years of suffering abuse from her husband Arnold, Paige revels in the liberation from her oppressive marriage and housekeeping obligations after Arnold’s stroke. She sees freedom in losing the label of “wife”, and enforces house rules that are the direct opposite of Arnold’s (he demanded order, she thrives on mess). She dresses Arnold in old nightgowns and puts heavy make up on him every day to fully assert her dominance. She perceives herself as hip (she’s not), and truly attempts to understand and also to co-opt Max’s transition to forge her own ideals for the future.

Arnold Connor– (male, age 58) Isaac and Max’s father and Paige’s husband. Arnold was an angry and violent man, but has had a stroke, which has affected his ability to communicate verbally and care for himself. His home used to run entirely by his iron fist, but now he is dependent on Paige and Max to care for him and they don’t. He often tries to escape from the house, but never succeeds. When he feels something, he feels it with no censor. Like a young child, he easily switches from complete joy to complete sorrow and back again within the course of a brief moment.


Rehearsal Dates

Rehearsals will start mid-November. Rehearsals will mostly be in the evenings on weekdays, with some daytime rehearsal on weekends

Performance Dates

The show will open on January 5th and run through Jan 22nd

Auditions: When and Where

Sunday November 6, 2016 from 12 noon-4 pm at Hyde Park Theatre by appointment.  

Callbacks to be held Monday November 7th.

Sign Up

Auditions by appointment. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Any questions should be directed to jasonphelpsmoves@gmail.com