The Year of the Rooster
by Capital T Theatre

Aug. 20 - Sep. 19, 2015

One day he will destroy the sun… Gil Pepper is a loser.  Odysseus Rex is winner.  Against all odds Gil and his rooster will prove to his narcissistic mother, his teenage boss, local tycoon Dickie Thimble and the rest of the goddamn world that this is their year.  In the vein of KILLER JOE and LIEUTENANT OF INISHMORE Capital T Theatre is proud to present the Austin Premiere of this mythical baddass black comedy about love, underdogs, and cockighting.

YEAR OF THE ROOSTER’s All-Star cast includes Jason Newman (Gruesome Playground Injuries) as the hapless Gil Pepper, Julia Bauer (DNA) as his foul mouthed teenage boss, Lana Dieterich (The Pain and the Itch) as Gil’s narcissistic mother, Kenneth Wayne Bradley (Killer Joe, Hunter Gatherers) as beef jerky tycoon and rooster enthusiast Dickie Thimble, and Jason Liebrecht as Odysseus Rex, the angriest and most vicious rooster the sun ever rose upon.

Running Time: 2 hours with intermission


(poster via Capital T)


Odysseus Rex – Jason Liebrecht

Dickie Thimble – Kenneth Wayne Bradley

Gil Pepper – Jason Newman

Lou – Lana Dieterich

Philipa – Julia Bauer

The Year of the Rooster
by Eric Dufault
Capital T Theatre

August 20 - September 19, 2015
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

Thursday – Saturday at 8pm