Iolanthe's Fractured Fairy Tales
by Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

May. 19

Gilbert & Sullivan Austin presents an original production of a delightfully twisted fairy fable along with fantastic music. Hear selections from “Iolanthe” starring the outstanding cast that will perform in our June Grand Production. Romance, suspense, and comedy will provide an enchanted afternoon of entertainment.

Poor Iolanthe, banished by the Queen of the Fairies, chooses to live at the bottom of a stream in order to be near her son, Strephon. Living this simple, quiet, and pastoral life means the child Strephon must have been tucked into bed each night with the usual bedtime fairy tale stories. Or, would his mother tell the usual bedtime fairy stories? Maybe not! With Iolanthe's banishment, she has no doubt lost her faith in the usual Happily Ever After.

Adapted from Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe and directed by Janette Jones. Co-produced by Diane Radin and Leann Fryer. Jeanne Sasaki is the accompanist.

This performance is free.

Iolanthe's Fractured Fairy Tales
by adapted by Janette Jones from W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

May 19, 2019
Dell Jewish Community Center
7600 Hart Lane
Austin, TX, 78731

Sunday, May 19, 2019, 2 - 4:30 p.m.