by Overtime Theater

Aug. 12 - Sep. 10, 2016

Dumped by his boyfriend, Ted accidently buys the county’s most haunted house in an attempt to plug the hole left in his heart.  Instead of finding refuge in a dream house, he finds a Satanic graveyard, the murdered wife of a 19th century shoe magnate, desecrated Native American burial mounds, and possibly a devil baby, as well as the schismatic Southeastern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Society, both sides of which have arrived to help.   Despite all that, Ted learns that sometimes the scariest things that haunt you are the ones you brought yourself.

Directed by Kareen Dahab.

Cast: Robert Cardoza, Jr., Sylvie Flournoy, Jonathan Schell, Rachel Dvorak, Vicky Liendo, Christopher Kelly, Deborah Basham-Burns


(photo by Siggi Ragnar)


by Eric Appleton
Overtime Theater

August 12 - September 10, 2016
Overtime Theater
5409 Bandera Road, Unit 205
near I-410
San Antonio, TX, 78238

Performance dates: August 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 and September 2, 3, 9, 10 at 8:00 pm; August 21 at 3:00 pm; September 4 at 7:00 pm