Photograph 51
by Filigree Theatre

Jan. 26 - Feb. 04

London, 1953. Scientists are on the verge of discovering what they call the secret of life: the DNA double helix. Providing the key is driven young physicist Rosalind Franklin. But if the double helix was the breakthrough of the 20th century, then what kept Franklin out of the history books? A play about ambition, isolation, and the race for greatness.

Directed by Elizabeth V. Newman.

Review by Sabrina Wallace for Austin Broadway World, January 29, 2024

Anna Ziegler’s biographical drama about the scientist Rosalind Franklin is rich, complex, averse to melodramatic heroes and existentially moving: DNA is, after all, the key to life itself.


(via Filigree Theatre)


(photo by Steve Rogers)


Cast: Bailey Ellis, Scot Frieman, Cameron LaBrie, Laura Ray, Fernando Rivera, J. Kevin Smith

Photograph 51
by Anna Ziegler
Filigree Theatre

January 26 - February 04, 2024
Factory on 5th
3409 E 5th St.
Austin, TX, 78702

January 25 - February 4, 2024

Factory on 5th

Ticket $25 - $40, available HERE