Trade with Klan
by Southwest Theatre Productions

Jan. 17 - Feb. 02


Forrest, Indiana is a small town surrounded by corn fields. Ethnically white, predominantly Evangelical, and fertile ground for the Ku Klux Klan during the summer of 1925. Daniel Lenhart returns to his hometown after four years of seminary college to find the Klan rooted in his community, and his brother putting a TWK sign in the window of the family business.

Kat Sparks directs.

This is a play about choices, and how quickly things can change if you aren't always questioning... Set in 1925 but remarkably relevant in 2020.

A sensitive topic and a brave, fascinating script.  

We had incredible actors audition for us (thanks to all who met with us), and now have an AMAZING CAST:

Bonnie Lambert
Chiara Russi McCarty
Emi Larraud
Kyle Turetzky
Meredith O'Brien
Suzanne England-Orzech
Tom Swift




Trade with Klan
by Donald E. Baker
Southwest Theatre Productions

January 17 - February 02, 2020
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

Performance dates are January 17 - February 2nd, 2020.  More forthcoming from Southwest Theatre Productions. (November 12, 2019)