Performance Photos: "El Buque Parasol" (HMS Pinafore in Spanish), Fresh Takes, August 15 - September 15, 2021, Gilbert & Sullivan Austin

(screen captures from music video by G&S Austin)


Opening Episode 2 of the streaming series Fresh Takes on Gilbert and Sullivan is a video presenting, in Spanish,  the first three musical numbers of HMS Pinafore -- "Ni tormentas en el mar" ("We Sail the Ocean Blue"), "La Mariposa" ("I'm Called Little Buttercup"), and "Gran Tripulación" ("I am the captain of the Pinafore").

Available free for online viewing from August 15, 2021, at .

Directed by Sebastian Vitale, co-starring Alejandra McGuire as Mariposa, with an eight-person crew: Julián Artola, Benjamín Bazán, Rafael de la Cruz, Monica Fossi, Leslie Gaar, Anna Kamarena, Antonio Medrano, and Steven Reichel.

Translation into Spanish by Michael Meigs, reviewed by Chía Patiño, revised by Sebastian Vitale. Orchestration and music recording by Pablo Pupillo, Buenos Aires. Costumes by A Cut Above Costumes, Round Rock. Choreography by Matthew Kennedy. Makeup assistance by Brena Álvarez Romero. Cinematography by Marcelo Tesôn, editing by Marcelon Tesón and Sebastian Vitale. Audio recording facilities courtesy of Queen Deelah. Venue courtesy of Chris and Susan Buggé. Production management by Bill Hatcher. Catering and logistics by Diane Radin.