Ground Floor Theatre on Track to Re-Open in Austin


Happy Valentines Day!


 Roses are red
Violets are blue
We just can't wait
To re-open for you!

Have you missed us?  We have certainly missed you!  We're sending you this little Valentine to let you know that things are looking upe.  We apologize for being so quiet in the past year.  This process has taken so much longer than we EVER dreamed.
Things have changed!
In October we received our permit to “build the theatre” and in the last couple of months, our landlord and his crew have been working hard to make the changes the city has requested.  One of those changes included trading in our wooden seating risers for fancy metal ones. 
Once all of the work is done in the theatre, we expect to have inspections and, if all goes well, we should be able to re-open!  We don't have any firm dates, but we're hoping it can happen in the first half of this year.  We will definitely be posting updates along the way so you can see it happen.
We want to give a very sincere and heart-felt thanks to all of you who have continued to support us.  You are all our Valentines!
We have big plans in the works including another GFT production this Summer!  It  will be an original piece that speaks to our mission of “theatre for everyone” and shines a light on issues and groups who typically do not get to bask in the spotlight.
As we get closer to re-opening, we will need your help.  Expect to see some volunteer work calls soon to get the space back into performance mode. 
We are also participating in Amplify Austin again this year.  Amplify Austin is our city's annual community-wide day of online giving.  This year the 24-hour period of giving starts at 6pm March 2nd and ends at 6pm March 3rd.  You can donate to GFT on the day, or schedule your gift now by clicking this link

All donations will be used to get us back open and on our feet and able to serve the Austin theatre community.  Remember.. you can schedule your Amply gift now.. right here.
If you'd like to donate to us directly, go to our website: or email Lisa

Again, thank you all so much for continuing to support Ground Floor Theatre.  We look forward to MAKING GROUND FLOOR THEATRE GREAT AGAIN!


Lisa and Patti