The Tender Land
by University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA)

Apr. 01 - Apr. 03, 2016
Friday, Sunday

The isolated world of a rural family turns around the graduation of its elder daughter. Yet, she is unsure of her place in that world. It is invaded by a threat and then an actuality of two outsiders who excite in the girl dreams of a larger life. The boys are accepted into the community as harvesters.

At a party on the eve before graduation, one of them falls in love with the girl. Grandpa discovers the match, and the boys are ordered away. The boy and girl plan an elopement at daybreak,but the boy, attacked by fears of responsibility abetted by forebodings of his companion, flees. The girl's anticipation of fulfillment turns to despair when she finds the boys gone. Her family who remind her of graduation and the pattern of her life, consoles her. But she realizes that the time has come to break that pattern and assert her own being. Though accepting, the mother does not recognize the woman her daughter has become. And as the girl goes to find her own life, the mother turns to her younger daughter knowing that one responsibility has ended and anothe has begun. 


 Pa.....Tyler Norris
Ma.....Kathleen Olvera
Top.....Austin-Sinclair Harris/Joseph Herron, Jr.
Martin.....Jacob Crisp
Laurie...Aaliyah Schoclet/Sami Serrano
Beth.....Meghan Henry
Mrs. Jenks.....Maggie Sorrell
Mr. Jenks.....Gid De La Rosa/James Segura
Mrs. Splinters.....Julissa Figueroa
Mr. Splinters.....James Dickens II/Jonathan Kennon
Ensemble: Andrea Briones, Alicia Heard,Paige Henserling, Khadijah Jabbar, Amber Jennings, Victoria McMillion, Brittney Prause, Maria Slaughter, Stacy Stevenson, Daniela Zamora, Jeremy Bejerano, Jonny Espinoza, Bryce Lechner, DAvid Pedraza, Alexander Raling

The Tender Land
by Aaron Copeland
University of Texas in San Antonio (UTSA)

Friday, Sunday,
April 01 - April 03, 2016
Recital Hall, UTSA
Arts Building (ART), University of Texas at San Antonio
Key Circle
San Antonio, TX, 78249

Friday at 7:30 p.m., Sunday at 3 p.m.

UTSA Main Campus - Arts Building, San Antonio, Texas, 78249 

Tickets: General admission $10
Military/ Seniors 55+/Non-UTSA Students: $8
Groups of ten or more: $5
Free to UTSA Students with ID 

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