Call of Cthulhu
by Mercurial Theatre

Jul. 21 - Aug. 13, 2017
Fridays, Sundays


Deep within the forest, police are moving in darkness upon a curious and demented gathering. A disturbed refugee from this group seeks asylum, asking for answers to the abuse they have suffered at the hands of what’s learned to be a malignant, dangerous cult. Together, the group must confront a terrifying religion that aims to evoke the presence of a cosmic terror, borne of evil and eons older than man himself. Is this just a mad cult, or a pathway to the dark truth of a cold universe?



 Richard Anthony  -  Francis

 Patrick Donnelan  -  Castro

 Annie Flores  -  Sonia

 Lauren Giebitz  -  Maria

 Mindy Rast-Keenan  -  Wilhelmina

 Michael Rodriguez  -  John

Call of Cthulhu
by H.P. Lovecraft, adapted by Mercurial Theatre
Mercurial Theatre

Fridays, Sundays,
July 21 - August 13, 2017
Spider House Ballroom
2906 Fruth Street
Austin, TX, 78705

Friday, July 21 @ 6:45pm
Friday, July 28 @ 6:45pm
Sunday, August 6 @ 6:45pm
Sunday, August 13 @ 6:45pm



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