Performance Photos by Sigge Ragnar: GHOSTBEARS by Eric Appleton at the Overtime, San Antonio, August 12 - September 10, 2016



Ted meets Brian in a bar, and it was interesting from the beginning. But will these 2 "bears" fall for each other outside of their interest in the paranormal?

Ghostbears! opens Aug. 12 at the Overtime Theater.
 — with Jon Snow and Robert Cardoza.

Trixie calls on local psychic Mrs. Butterwood to hear the deceased in Ted's recently purchased rural house in the country. But is Mrs. Butterwood really speaking to dead?

Find out, when Ghostbears! opens Aug. 12 at the Overtime Theater.
 — with Vicky Liendo and Robert Cardoza.
There is a major rift in Southeastern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Society. Two schools of thought in ghost hunting have divided the group. Mark and Lisa try to push scientific methods on Trixie and Mrs. Butterwood, who back using psychics to find ghosts.

Ghostbears! opens Aug. 12 at the Overtime Theater.
 — with Chris Kelly and Sylvie Floury.
Ted has made a lot of mistakes with his now ex-boyfriend, but he can always rely on his straight friends Lydia and Harris for support. But while they are encouraging, they also need to talk frankly with him at times. Plus, could the couple be ready to take a new step in their marriage?

Ghostbears! opens on Aug. 12 at the Overtime Theater.
 — with Rachel Dvorak, Robert Cardozaand Stephan Gaeth.
While Ted is trying to recover from his break up with his boyfriend, his only company is Lisa who delivers pizza to his rural house. No one talks tougher than Lisa in this town. Will this feisty pregnant delivery girl and Ted ever be friends?

Find out, when Ghostbears! opens Aug.12 at the Overtime Theater.
 — with Sylvie Flournoy and Robert Cardoza.