Funding Appeal: Overtime Theatre Spruce Up, San Antonio

Our little theater needs some love. We took over a lab and need to make our space look more inviting and well, like a theater!

We are The Overtime Theater, San Antonio’s only home for live, local, and original theater! 

We bring you completely new, never before seen productions that otherwise might never have seen the light of day. 

On occasion over the years we have asked you, our wonderful and supportive audience, for help to continue our efforts at supporting new plays - and we need your help again. 

When we moved into our current location at 1203 Camden we knew we had our work cut out for us. We were taking over a building that was never meant to be a theater and turned it into two. Yep. Our building was a lab! That's right! It has ugly white and green linoleum flooring. We want to put down a new floor and paint the plain white walls a nice warm tan color. We would also like to paint the outside and do a nice mural to let everyone know we ARE A THEATER! 

Now it’s time to give our little corner of downtown another makeover. 

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We ask for your help to give our theater a few much-needed changes: replace the floors in the lobby and hallway, replace the ceiling tiles and light bulbs, get an external sign for the theater, and give the outside of our building paint job. Help us make our space more inviting and welcoming to our audiences!

With your generous donations we will be able to do all of this - and hopefully more! 

We hope you enjoy your rewards for donating, check them out see what you want. 

And if you’re not able to help us out, please consider coming out and supporting us by seeing one of our shows. 

You can find information on our MainStage shows, our late night specials, and much more by finding us on Facebook, visiting our website at or by giving us a call at (210) 557-7562.

Help us make our space more inviting and welcoming to our audiences!

And from all of us at The Overtime Theater... thank you!

Risks and challenges

Our Design Team will be the ones to install the new flooring since that would be an additional cost. It will be a slight learning curve but we are a talented bunch and are confident we can do it! If we can't do it, several of us will pitch in to secure a contractor with experience to help.

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