Past Auditions with Filigree Theatre

Auditions for upcoming season, by Filigree Theatre
Nov. 17 - Dec. 04 (2022)

FIRE IN DREAMLAND summary (per Dramatist Play Service, Inc.): “In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Kate …

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Auditions for The Lady from the Sea, by Filigree Theatre
Jul. 25 - Jul. 31 (2022)

Norway, 1888. A small town by a land-locked fjord. Ellida is second wife to widower …

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Seeking Actor, 18+ Person of Color, to Play 'Ria' in Charlie Thurston's LIFTED, by Filigree Theatre, Austin
Feb. 02 - Feb. 12 (2022)

A modern meditation on the Icarus tale, LIFTED is part absurdist family drama, part imaginative …

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Auditions for Lifted, by Filigree Theatre
Feb. 23 (2020)

A modern meditation on the Icarus tale, LIFTED is part gritty family drama, part imaginative …

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Auditions for The Turn of the Screw
Nov. 17 (2019)

Based on the provocative tale of suspense, horror and repressed sexuality, this adaptation give the …

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Auditions for Fefu and Her Friends, by Filigree Theatre, Austin
Jun. 01 - Jun. 02 (2019)

Set in a country home in the 1935’s FEFU AND HER FRIENDS follows the lives …

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Auditions for 100 Planes, by Filigree Theatre
Dec. 01 (2018)

​Lieutenant Kay McClure, a hotshot pilot, meets her match in Major Anne Clarkson. As Anne …

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Auditions for When We Were Young and Unafraid, by Filigree Theatre
May. 20 (2018)

In the early 1970s, before Roe v. Wade, before the Violence Against Women Act, Agnes …

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Auditions for Miss Julie, by Filigree Theatre
May. 19 (2018)

Passion and sexual desire collide with class and gender warfare during a Midsummer's Eve celebration …

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Auditions for Trio, by Filigree Theatre
Feb. 04 (2018)

  Every day, Tim bares his chest and Leslie kills him. Leslie’s mom is in …

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Auditions for Betrayal AND A Delicate Ship, by Filigree Theatre
May. 20 - May. 21 (2017)

"Betrayal" by Harold Pinter and the Austin premiere of "A Delicate Ship" by Anna Ziegler for The Filigree Theatre's …

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