Write What You Know
by Overtime Theater

Jan. 07 - Jan. 08 (2023)

Playwright Simon Stands won the Tony Award for Best Play two years ago. Now, his life is a shambles– he’s divorced with writer’s block, and he is speeding toward rock bottom. And the little voice in the back of his mind is giving him some really bad advice. He is surrounded by a quirky group of friends who are trying to help pull him out of the gutter. One of his friends suggests he “write what he knows.” So Simon decides to write about a broken down playwright surrounded by quirky friends. Simon has to confront his demons– both the obvious and the not so obvious– to save his career and his relationships.

The Overtime Theater is seeking performers for its upcoming production of “Write What You Know”!
Written by: Chip Bohle
Directed by: Rob Barron
1PM – 4 PM, Saturday Jan. 7th, 2023
1PM – 4 PM, Sunday Jan. 8th
-Cold readings from the script will be available.
-No monologue needed
-Headshot optional
Friday and Saturday nights Feb. 17th – Mar. 11th.
Plus Sunday Matinee(s) TBD
ROLES: (genders may be swapped at reading)**
Simon Stands (M): Age: 50 – 70. He won a Tony Award for Best Play several years ago, but hasn’t matched the success since and has fallen into depression.
Simon’s Mind Voice: Any age or sex.
Gertie Conway (F): Age: 40 – 70. Simon’s Irish housekeeper
David Cohen (M): Age 40 – 70. Simon’s longtime theater friend
Paulie Marino (M): Age 30 – 50. Simon’s drinking buddy
Natalie Bridgeport (F): Age 30 – 50. Simon’s girlfriend
** Gender determined by how you present at auditions.
All roles and crew are volunteer positions.
Our Love Bucket of patron donations will be split equally at the end of the run.