The Norman Conquests trilogy
by Austin Shakespeare

Oct. 17 - Oct. 19, 2015

The Norman Conquests is a trilogy of plays written in 1973 by Alan Ayckbourn. The small scale of the drama is typical of Ayckbourn. There are only six characters, namely Norman, his wife Ruth, her brother Reg and his wife Sarah, Ruth's sister Annie, and Tom, Annie's next-door-neighbour. The plays are at times wildly comic, and at times poignant, in their portrayals of the relationships among the six characters.

Each of the plays depicts the same six characters over the same weekend in a different part of a house. Table Manners is set in the dining room, Living Together in the living room, and Round and Round the Garden in the garden. Each play is self-contained, and they may be watched in any order, some of the scenes overlap, and on several occasions a character's exit from one play corresponds with an entrance in another. The plays were not written to be performed simultaneously, although Ayckbourn did achieve that some twenty-five years later in House & Garden.

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Austin Shakespeare and Ground Floor Theatre join forces to present Alan Ayckbourn's comedic trilogy: The Norman Conquests, composed of three plays depicting the events of a single weekend from the perspective of three locations: dining room, living room and garden, as assistant librarian Norman attempts to seduce three women present at the house with varying results. You can purchase individual performances, or save by purchasing all three as a package. 

Featuring: André Martin, Helen Merino, Michael Miller, Nancy Eyermann, Micah Bond and Alison Stebbins

Part One: Table Manners takes place on Saturday, October 17 at 2 pm

Part Two: Living Together takes place on Sunday, October 18 at 7 pm

Part Three: Round and Round the Garden takes place on Monday, October 19 at 8 pm

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The Norman Conquests trilogy
by Alan Ayckbourne
Austin Shakespeare

October 17 - October 19, 2015
Ground Floor Theatre
979 Springdale Rd
Austin, TX, 78702

Staged readings at the Ground Floor Theatre

Saturday, October 17, 2 p.m.

Sunday, October 18, 7 p.m.

Monday, October 19, 8 p.m.

Tickets $32.64, available via

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