Inga Binga
by Sam Bass Community Theatre

Feb. 12 - Mar. 05, 2016

Join Sam Bass Theatre February 12th-March 5th for the regional premiere of Inga Binga, a farcical romp that explores the amazing true story of JFK’s real-life affair with suspected Nazi agent, Inga Arvad.

Unaware that his gal may be a so-called spy—but trying to avoid the watchful eye of Papa Joe—Jack arranges for the two to have a secret liaison in Charleston, S.C., but the FBI and press are one step ahead, bugging their room and listening in on the pair’s steamy tryst.

Directed by Frank Benge, Inga Binga is a farcical romp through this steamy footnote in American history that will keep you laughing long after you leave the theatre. 


(via Sam Bass Theatre)

Inga Binga
by Julian Wiles
Sam Bass Community Theatre

February 12 - March 05, 2016
Sam Bass Community Theatre
600 North Lee Street
Round Rock, TX, 78664

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