by Drew Julian

Jul. 12, 2016

A message from the playwright:

"Corruption eventually works its way into everything decent" says Heather. "I hate it."

The play titled CORRUPTION will work its way into Hyde Park Theatre Tuesday in the form of a staged reading Hopefully no one will walk way hating it.

To my advantage three great actors, Joe Stevens, Lana Dietrich, and Kelli Bland have signed on to read the parts. I've spent the part fourteen months viewing it solely from my perspective. The countless hours of writing, re-writing, editing, hammering and chiseling can all but close the door on the potential for spontaneity. Cold readings, by creative performers can spark new ideas or revive ones that were lost along the way. I'm always humbled by the intuitive ability of actors and the way they quickly figure out their character without explanation or instruction from anyone. I believe this play to be sound, but how an audience will react is something I've never been able to predict. I greatly value all the feedback, positive and negative, people have given me over the years. Every thought, comment, laugh and non-laugh, has made me a better writer. I hope to see you Tuesday night."

by Drew Julian
Drew Julian

July 12, 2016
Hyde Park Theatre
511 West 43rd Street
Austin, TX, 78751

Staged reading, free event at 8 p.m. at the Hyde Park Theatre.