Crave Blue
by Gale Theatre Company

Apr. 09, 2016

Join us for a developmental reading of Crave Blue, a new MouthRadio play.

The wrecked desert town of Jewel, Texas boasts a rare miracle—water. Presiding over the edge of this small town is a vast lake that, in the summer, hosts the famous West Texas Mermaid Exhibition. Advertising four live mermaids, the exhibition is a delight to tourists, but to the women who don latex fishtails and sparkly bras every day in 100 degree heat, it’s just another job that barely pays the bills. Between performances, Fintasia, Wild Tuna, Treasure, and New Girl rant about bosses gone savage and fantasize about tropical islands. When a man claims to have encountered a real mermaid in the lake, the four performers find themselves objects of an aggressive media scandal. As the myth of the “Jewel, Texas Mermaid” grows, the women discover that their beloved lake is hiding a secret—one they must keep hidden or risk losing what they love the most. A dark, surreal drama that explores issues of gender, identity, and sacrifice in Southwest Texas, Crave Blue is at once an underwater fairytale and a drama of grit and endurance. 

Written by Sarah Loucks
Directed by Katherine Wilkinson. 

This is an opportunity for the playwright to receive feedback about this developing work. YOU are an instrumental part of this process! 

Complimentary beer* and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. 

*Must be 21 years and older for the beer. The Butterfly Bar will check all ids.

Crave Blue
by Sarah Louks
Gale Theatre Company

April 09, 2016
Vortex Repertory Theatre
2307 Manor Road
Austin, TX, 78722

Free admission at the Vortex, 2 p.m.