by Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

Mar. 19 - Apr. 03, 2021

Trying is a two-character play based on the author’s experience during 1967-1968 when she worked for Francis Biddle at his home in Washington, D.C. Judge Biddle had been Attorney General of the United States under Franklin Roosevelt. After the war, President Truman named him Chief Judge of the American Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. The play is about a young Canadian girl and an old, Philadelphia aristocrat “trying” to understand each other in what Biddle knows is the final year of his life. 

Please note that the characters quote poetry with some strong language.

Directed by Sarah Derousseau

by Joanna McLelland Glass
Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

March 19 - April 03, 2021
Elizabeth Huth Coates Point Theatre indoor stage, HCAF
120 Point Theatre Road
HCAF indoors
Ingram, TX, 78025

Check HCAF for ticket information. (March 5, 2021)