Everyman 2.0
by Crystal Sea Drama Company

Apr. 05 - Apr. 07, 2019

"Everyman 2.0" is a modern take on the medieval morality play, done in a steampunk style. Everyman is at the end of his life. He asks his friends, virtues which include Strength, Discretion, Knowledge, Beauty, and Good Deeds, to accompany him into death. One by one, his companions abandon him to his fate. But there is One Who will go with him if Everyman will only ask. This show uses allegorical characters to examine the question of Christian salvation and what Man must do to attain it.

Everyman 2.0
by Crystal Sea ensemble
Crystal Sea Drama Company

April 05 - April 07, 2019
Crystal Theatre
511 St Lawrence St
Gonzales, TX, 78629

7:30 p.m.

Tickets $10 and $12 plus $1 service fee