A Dickens Christmas Carol - A Traveling Travesty in Two Acts
by Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

Nov. 17 - Dec. 02, 2017

From the bonny shores of England comes the Styckes-Upon-Thump Repertory Theatre Company, a stuffy old travelling troupe embarking on their fifteenth annual farewell tour of the Dickens’ tale. The company includes Sir Selsdon Piddock, the consummate actor, in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, with Mrs. Bettina Salisbury, Dame Rowena Middleton-Lewis, Mrs. Cordelia ffoliet-ffolkes ffortescue Woods, Teddy Shub and Elyot Crummels in multiple supporting roles. Sweet Cynthia Imbry, the general understudy, suddenly finds herself thrust onstage to perform a role she’s ill-prepared for! Bettina, the company diva, pretends to be ill, certain the production will be cancelled. However, much to her shock and rage, the show does go on without her! Roles are shuffled at the last minute and poor Cynthia finds herself center stage.

A Dickens Christmas Carol - A Traveling Travesty in Two Acts
by Mark Landon Smith's adaptation of Charles Dickens' Tale
Hill Country Arts Foundation (HCAF)

November 17 - December 02, 2017
Elizabeth Huth Coates Indoor Theatre, HCAF
indoors at 120 Point Theatre Road
Ingram, TX, 78025

November 17-December 2, 2017
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM
2 PM Sunday matinee November 26