Video: Ground Floor Theatre in Austin Suspends Performances until 2021, Launches Appeal to Cover Expenses Until Then

An Announcement from Ground Floor Theatre, Austin

July 2, 2020

First, we hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this very stressful time.  Please stay home if you can, and wear a mask if you have to go out.  We also hope that during this time of great injustices coming to light, that you are able to find your own voice and ways to speak up.  Ground Floor Theatre’s mission is to lift voices that need to be heard and now more than ever underrepresented voices are screaming out in our community.  We at GFT hear you and we want to use our platform to get those words out.  

Unfortunately, because of the Covid19 Crisis, we have made the difficult decision to remain closed to performances and audiences until 2021.  This means that all of our planned productions will be postponed or canceled, and all of the groups that had shows scheduled at GFT have also had to cancel. 

We will be making our venue available to other theatre artists and nonprofits to record videos or rehearsals and we are working with a food pantry to provide warehouse and distribution space.  We are hopeful that we can begin our 2021 season early in the year, and we will shorten the season from four full productions to three.  Our 2021 season will include the premieres of rain falls special on me by Lane Michael Stanley, Dinner by Lisa B. Thompson and the Tony-Award-winning musical Memphis by David Bryan and Joe D. Pietro.


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What does this mean for the future of GFT?  The Covid19 Crisis has hit us especially hard.  Although we are unable to produce any earned revenue, we are still required to pay our full rent and other operating costs.  Needless to say, it ain’t cheap, and we are going to need help from the community in order to survive.  The next six months are going to be crucial so that we do not have to shut down permanently.

If you believe in our mission, if you enjoy our work, or if you just don’t want to lose yet another performance venue, please consider a one-time or sustaining monthly gift to Ground Floor Theatre.  Go to click on the “Donate” button.

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In the meantime, keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more in our Zoom Reading Series and GFT Sings.  We will be featuring songs from our award winning production of Fun Home very soon! 

Take care GFT family.  We look forward to the day when we can see you all at the theatre!
Lisa & Patti




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