2019-2020 Season for Rosedale Shakespeare, Formerly Something for Nothing Theatre, Austin

(logo by Jennifer Rose Davis)We have an exciting announcement! As you heard if you attended Cymbeline this weekend, this is a moment of transformation for what you know as Something for Nothing Theater. We are reinventing ourselves with a new name and an expanded mission. 

In re-naming ourselves, we’ll be borrowing from the beautiful neighborhood our company calls home. We feel deeply attached to Rosedale, and we are so grateful for the support this community has always shown us. To demonstrate and deepen our investment in you, we will be calling ourselves Rosedale Shakespeare from now on.

(logo by Jennifer Rose Davis)

We’ve also decided to expand our mission. To be clear, we will always retain our commitment to doing free Shakespeare in Ramsey Park. You can count on that for years to come. What we seek to do now is to become more inclusive in the playwrights whose works we put on. We have long had a focus on diversity in our production teams and our casts, but we want to provide a platform for more voices to be heard by producing plays from a variety of playwrights.

To that end, what we’ll be doing from now on is a two-show season pairing a Shakespeare play in the fall with a more recent play from a marginalized voice each spring. This fall we’ll be doing The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Allison Dillon.

In the spring, we’ll put on a thematically related new play, by a local playwright to be named later, which we will commission and develop ourselves. We are so excited for this new phase of our growth as a company, and we hope you’ll cheer us on as we develop our new identity and pursue our expanded mission. Thank you for always being there for us.