Call for Scripts: Austin's Ground Floor Theatre Seeks Full-Length Play on the Underrepresented for September 2017 Re-opening

(via Floor Theatre in Austin, Tx is planning our tremendous re-emergence with a new play.

We are looking for submissions of a new play that hasn’t been produced and the playwright is interested in further development with input from the director. If the play has been workshopped or had a reading in the past that is acceptable.

This play should be a full length (90 – 120 minute) piece that falls within our mission of producing works by and for underrepresented communities. Bear in mind that preference will be given to works that deal with the underrepresented of the underrepresented (e.g. differently-abled, trans, etc). This show will be produced in early September of 2017 at Ground Floor Theatre.

Your submission should include a short synopsis, outline, and of course…. the play. Selected playwright will need to be available for the rehearsal process (August 2017); in person is best, but SKYPE/phone works too. Maximum one submission per playwright. At this time, we are not accepting musicals.

Please submit your play electronically by June 1, 2017 to Thank you in advance for your submission.