Milam Community Theatre

The Milam Community Theater is controlled by 3 boards. The Executive board, Theater Productions board, and the Building Operations


 Executive Board:

Open until Filled- Executive President

Jonathon Deal- Executive Vice President 1 / Director of Theater Productions

Kyle Deal- Executive Vice President 2 / Director of Building Operations 

Open Until Filled- Executive Secretary 

Melanie Reed- Executive Treasurer

Debbie Cable Brown-Member

Bill Whitmire- Memeber


Theater Production Board Members:

Jonathon Deal- Director of Theater Productions 

Jigar Bhakta- Secretary 

Open until Filled- Treasurer 

Danyelle Higginbotham- Board Member

Brenda Sanders- Board Member


Building Operations Board Members:

Kyle Deal-Director of Building Operations 

Susan Humble- Board Member

Richard Stone-Board Member

Open Until Filled- Board Member

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Contact Information

If you have any questions please email us at: BOARD@MILAMCOMMUNITYTHEATER.COM

Milam Community Theatre
406 S. Columbus Avenue
Cameron, TX, 76520