The Night Alive
by Hyde Park Theatre

Mar. 14 (2015)

The kindness of strangers comes with complications. Tommy is getting by—kind of: he is crashing in his uncle’s ramshackle house in Dublin, dodging his estranged family, and plotting a parade of get-rich-quick schemes with his buddy Doc. Then one day he defends a destitute woman against a violent attack, and a fragile glimmer of hope appears as Tommy tends to her in his run-down room. From the author of The Weir, Shining City and The Seafarer comes this compelling new drama—by turns funny and frightening, but always deeply human.

Here's what McPherson had to say about the play (via Steppenwolf Theatre and YouTube):



Poster image is from Steppenwolf Theatre' production of September 14 - November 16, 2014.

HPT will be holding auditions for THE NIGHT ALIVE by Conor McPherson on Saturday, March 14 at Hyde Park Theatre. Roles are available for Aimee, late 20's, Doc, forties, Kenneth, Late thirties.

The roles of Tommy, 50's and Maurice, 70's, have been cast.

Looking for good Irish (Dublin) dialects. Show runs July 8 - August 9. To make an appointment, or for more information emall