The Realistic Joneses
by Hyde Park Theatre

Nov. 28 (2015)

Bob Jones and his wife Jennifer meet their new next-door neighbors, John and Pony Jones. They discuss their lives, giving an "inside look at the people who live next door, the truths we think we know and the secrets we never imagined we all might share."[6] Eno said that he wrote The Realistic Joneses because he " 'wanted to really just write a naturalistic and realistic play.' Not that 'Realistic Joneses' is precisely realistic. Both plays ['Open House'] read like sitcoms broadcast from a weirder, more melancholy world."[7]   


directed by Ken Webster

The Realistic Joneses premiered at the Yale Repertory TheaterNew Haven, Connecticut in 2012


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Hyde Park Theatre is casting this new Will Eno play, to be directed by Ken Webster. Roles are available for John (male 25-35) and Pony (female 25-35). (Note:The older couple has been cast.) Run dates are February 25 - March 26, 2016. Actors will be paid. Email for appointment or details. Sat., Nov. 28..

HYDE PARK THEATRE, 511 W. 43rd, Austin, 512/479-7529