Miss Nelson is Missing
by Georgetown Palace Theatre

Sep. 16 (2019)

Miss Nelson can't control her crazy classroom because she's just too nice. But when she disappears, her replacement is the hard-as-nails, detention-loving, recess-canceling, homework-overloading substitute teacher Viola Swamp! With the Big Test approaching, the kids suddenly realize how much they miss Miss Nelson and they'll do anything -- including hiring a private eye -- to solve the mystery of her disappearance and bring her back.

The Georgetown Palace will hold auditions for our upcoming Theatre for Young Audiences production of Miss Nelson is Missing.

Director: Kat Sterling

Choreographer: Jesee Smart

Music Director: Rose Yurcina

Stage Manager: Sarah Anne Hoagland

Miss Nelson is Missing is a witty, wacky musical for the entire family. When Miss Nelson’s class can’t stop misbehaving, she invents her alter ego, Miss Viola Swamp, in order to teach her students a lesson.

Seeking 4 actors ages 18+ to play:

ADAM (BOY #1) (Tenor) has a wild imagination and dark thoughts, clever, creative, smart, a leader, a mischief-maker, brave on the outside, a cream puff on the inside

ALLISON (GIRL #1) (Soprano) bossy, a leader, take-charge type, especially in times of crisis, smart, quick, no-nonsense, usually knows the answer, thinks for herself, presents a perfect image when the teacher is looking, a goody two shoes

GREGORY (BOY #2) (Baritone) A.D.D. type, finds it hard to sit still and pay attention, lives in his own world, lacking in self-control, silly, artistic, draws (especially unflattering pictures of Miss Nelson)

CHERYL (GIRL #2) (Alto) a follower, silly, a girly girl, but wicked, sneaky, can hold her own, a tattle-tale, a worrier, scares easily

Miss Nelson is Missing opens Tuesday, October 22nd and performs twice daily (9:30 and 11:45) on weekdays for visiting schools through November 8. All performances happen on the Palace’s Springer Stage (810 S. Austin Avenue, Georgetown). Performances are scheduled at the discretion of the Palace Theatre. There will be one public performance on Saturday, November 9th, (10:00 am curtain, 9:00 am call). Actors must be available after the show for a brief strike process. 

Please note: the roles of Miss Nelson/Viola Swamp and Pop Hansen/Mr. Blandsford/Detective McSmogg have been cast.

All performers will be paid a salary with bi-weekly payments over the course of the rehearsals process and run. All performers will become part-time, seasonal, at-will employees of the Georgetown Palace for the duration of the rehearsal process (2 weeks) and run (3 weeks).

Acting and Vocal Auditions will be held Monday, September 16th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Palace Education Center 216 W 8th Street Georgetown TX 78626.

Call Backs (if needed) will be held by invitation only on September 18th.

Auditions will consist of a one minute comedic monologue and 32 bars of a song of your choice.  For Vocal Auditions: Please prepare 32 bars (approx. 1 to 2 minutes) of an up-tempo song appropriate for the TYA genre. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music in a three-ring binder (no page protectors or loose pages.) If you will be using Tracks: Please prepare 32 bars (approx. 1 to 2 minutes) of an up-tempo song appropriate for the TYA genre. Bring an accompaniment track of your choosing on your phone, tablet or computer. We will provide a speaker and an auxiliary cord. Please bring an adapter if needed.  

Auditions are scheduled online via the Palace website. You will fill out the audition form, sign up for a time, and fill out the conflict calendar, as well as upload a headshot and resume.  Any questions should be emailed to productions@georgetownpalace.com.

Sign-up HERE.

You will receive an email confirming your appointment. 

Rehearsals will begin October 7th and will be scheduled during daytime business hours.  

Background checks: Everyone involved with the production must submit to a background check at the Palace’s expense. If you are cast, you will receive a secure link where you can fill it out. There is no cost to you.

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is 501c3 Non-profit organization. 

We practice non-traditional casting, and all roles are open. All ages, abilities, gender, and ethnicities are encouraged to participate.

If you have any questions, please email productions@georgetownpalace.com.