God's Favorite
by Vexler Theatre

Jun. 09 - Jun. 10

Successful businessman Joe Benjamin has admittedly had a wonderful life.  He has a flourishing business selling boxes while living with his family in their beautiful Long Island mansion.  Joe, being a devout religious man, attributes all of his success and happiness to the big “G” himself: God.  But when an eccentric messenger from God visits Joe all hell breaks loose! Joe, God’s favorite servant, is being put to the test; he must either renounce his faith in God or suffer severe consequences.  The jokes and tests of faith fly fast and furious as Neil Simon spins a contemporary morality tale like no other in this hilarious comedy.

 Directed by Dylan Brainard

Audition Announcement
God’s Favorite at The Vex

Sunday, 6/9 and Monday, 6/10* starting at 6:00pm.  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. *Please let us know if you are interested in auditioning but unavailable on these dates.*

How to Audition
·         Read below for details about the rehearsal and production schedule.
·         Email the Vex at vexler@jcc-sa.org<mailto:vexler@jcc-sa.org> to request an audition appointment.
·         We recommend you prepare a comedic monologue of your choice, not to exceed one minute. This is not mandatory.
·         Auditions will consist of any monologue you have prepared and a potential cold reading from the script or from other materials.


·     Show Dates:  August 17 – September 8, 2019
·     Performance times: Thursdays at 7:30pm, Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sunday matinees at 2:30pm.  (Tentative evening performance on one Sunday.)
·     Call times are one hour before each curtain.

·     Regular rehearsals will begin in mid-July with a few possible meetings before then.
·     A typical Vex rehearsal schedule is Monday through Thursday, 7pm-10pm.  Fridays and weekends will be added if needed due to conflicts.
·     The final two weeks and weekends of rehearsals leading up to the 08/17/19 opening will be busy and all actors are expected to be available.
·     Actors will be expected to be predominantly “off-book” by the end of July.

Character Breakdown

GENERAL CASTING NOTE: The genders and ages listed here are derived directly from the script itself. We are considering some gender and age flexibility for some of the characters. Ethnicity of these roles is open and flexible. Visit the Vex website<vexler.org> for more information on this note and on the characters themselves.

Joe Benjamin: Male, “56 years old.” Successful businessman, sincere in his religious devotion.
Rose Benjamin: Female, late 40s to late 50s. Joe’s wife.
Ben Benjamin: Male, 20s. Joe’s spoiled son, relatively useless. Sarah’s twin brother.
Sarah Benjamin: Female, 20s. Joe’s spoiled daughter, relatively useless.  Ben’s twin sister
Sidney Lipton: Male, 40s. Not an angel, but a near-sighted, unassuming, bumbling bike messenger from God.
Mady: Female, 40s-60s. The wise-cracking family maid. Humorously cynical.
Morris: Male, 40s-60s. The jaded and sardonic family butler. Under-breath comic commentary.
David Benjamin: Male: 20s-30s.  Joe’s oldest child, big brother to the twins. The drunken black sheep.

LOCATION:  The Sheldon Vexler Theatre at 12500 N.W. Military Highway, San Antonio, Texas, 78231The Vex is located on the lower level of the building; follow posted signs to the theatre.