Resources: Theatre Activities for Young Persons Diagnosed with Autism

From Tilda Moore:


My youngest daughter has autism, and we’ve noticed over the last few months that she absolutely blossoms when she’s given the chance to perform. So naturally we’ve been trying to find ways to bring more theatre and performance art into our homeschool plan, and in my quest to find more ideas, I came across this page on your site - I thought you might like to add some of the fun home-based information for thespians I’ve found to that page, so this list is yours to use if you want it!


DIY Backyard Stage and Lights: Cost, Materials, and Legalities of Bringing Theatre Home


Write a Play in a Day!


How to Put on a Musical: A Guide for Schools & Amateur Groups


How to Introduce Your Kids to Shakespeare


Fantastic Benefits of Theatre Therapy for People with Autism


Thanks for the inspiration, and enjoy!




Tilda Moore -