Video: LOVE GOES TOWARD LOVE, Shakespeare with Becca Musser, Taylor Flanagan and friends, May 25 - June 3, 2017

Come experience this unique, intimate, 2-weekend only, exploration of love and longing through same-sex performances of Shakespeare’s couples by some of Austin's finest Shakespearean performers!

Discover a different side to Shakespeare's iconic lovers with performances by Becca Musser, Taylor Flanagan, and 2 new guest performers each night!

Adapted by Taylor Flanagan, Becca Musser, Nell McKeown, and Stephanie Donowho


Love Goes Toward Love is a culmination of many artistic minds. Check out more about LGTL’s incredible team of queer artists and allies below:

Victoria Barton & Nell McKeown (June 2)

Kate Clark & Heidi Penix (June 3)

Rachel Abbott & Chelsea Manasseri (June 4)

Taylor Flanagan & Becca Musser (May 26-June 4)


Consulting Directors: Robert Matney, Sara Snyder, Rose Kentspeth, Katie Van Winkle, Rudy Ramirez, Lily Wolff, Deb Streusand, Amelia Turner, Jenny Lavery, Stephanie Donowho, and Nell McKeown

Composers:Hannah Hagar, Kristin Hall, and Jon Watson

Video marketing: Sara Snyder

Stage Manager: Leanna Holmquist

Mask creation: Jennifer Davis

 Produced in cooperation with the fine people of Something For Nothing Theatre Company



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Love Goes Toward Love
by William Shakespeare, adapted by Becky Musser and Taylor Flanagan
Becca Musser and Taylor Flanagan

May 26 - June 04, 2017
The Austin Public
1143 Northwestern Ave.
Austin, TX, 78702


May 26 - June 04, 2017

Fridays - Sundays at 8 pm

Austin Public Studios

1143 Northwestern Ave.

Austin, TX, 78702


Sliding scale $20 - $30 ($15 for veteran/senior/student/artist tickets


Tickets available:

[poster by Stephanie Donowho] 


Becca Musser, Taylor Flanagan (photo by Sara Snyder)