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Stardom Ensemble Creations is the producer of the Stardom Phenomenon, a fusion of three synergistic businesses: a musical, inspirational seminars, a thematic night club; each of which focuses upon a shared vision for a more conscious world; one in which we truly care for each other and our planet, mother Earth. Upon its ultimate introduction, the Stardom Phenomenon will be housed in the Star*Dome, a futuristic facility high-lighting alternative energy and surrounded  by solar panels which we call Star Power.


The musical: STARDOM


The seminars: NEXUS


The night club: UNIVERSE


   Stardom the Musical

   A New Myth for the Human Family          


         Club U-niverse

         Conscious Connections

                                                     After the Musical Club Celebration           


`     Nexus

         A gathering place for seminars, workshops and community outreach





Stardom the musical is a new myth for the human family…an adventurous journey through the evolution of life...the love story of Everywoman and Everyman (Ava and Tar) the arch-types of Adam and Eve. Ava and Tar are guided on their journey by their wise and caring mother, Maya Earth; their flamboyant father, Leon the Sun, and their teachers and guides; the comical and eccentric planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.


In pursuit of Stardom, Ava and Tar journey from the oneness of the garden, through history, into the duality of modern times. As their visions of the future grow increasingly different, they become alienated and disconnected from each other, and their mother, Earth.  They are tested in the present time to reconnect or self-destruct, which is the greatest test of our age. 


Stardom the musical explores the balance between our longing for fame, against the deeper and more spiritual wealth that awaits us in a world based on love, caring and sharing. It dramatizes the evolution of the man/woman relationship, through time, and brings us to a deeper understanding and compassion for the innocence and integrity we all share beneath our social conditioning. 

STARDOM is a spectacle, in every sense of the word, but like the musical RENT, it has intimacy of character and situation. Like LION KING, it is full of healthy fun and humor, for audiences of all ages. And indeed, like HAIR, it explores the major themes of our generation, tracing the evolution of consciousness and the emergence of the feminine as a prime mover in the transformation of our planet. The final song of the show, “CREATE”, envisions a more conscious world, and invites the audience to “Shine Their Light” and come together to create it, with “Freedom of The Spirit and Heart.”

The lobby of the Star*Dome will have booths occupied by organizations that resonate with our themes (Friends of the Earth for example), who are ready and willing to assist the audience in linking up with those of similar interests to “Shine Their Light”.

Stardom’s composers are Jon Williams and Hugh Douse of Kingston Jamaica and Brian Snyder from the U.S. The book and lyrics are by Dino DeFilippi.


The complete script and music are available upon request.


After the Musical

          A Conscious Connection Club Celebration


The audience will be encouraged to join in the singing of the final song of the musical, “Create”, as the theatre transforms into, Club U-niverse. Audience members may choose to remain and mingle with others who enter from the outside. Together they create comm-unity, sharing love-centric music, “Star Dancing”, comedy, spontaneous art creations, and play “World Games”, while enjoying enlivening food and drink. It’s a place where participants can feel safe to open their hearts and minds and connect, as they celebrate the coming of a new, more loving world. The music is inspirational and the environment is filled with Planetarium awesome special effects. 



                                          A Forum for Seminars and a Gathering place 


During the day, a forum will be created for Seminars and workshops that reinforce Stardom’s thematic lines: oneness, healing of earth, sustainability, conscious relationships, human potential, self-healing, etc. 


Nexus can be rented for events by groups who share similar views. 


Nexus will also serve as a space for inter-generational community outreach, especially to include children and elders. 



In addition, we will be producing a line of Stardom products such as those powered by solar energy, consciousness raising games, such as “World Games”, apps, tee shirts, caps etc.


“You May Say I’m a Dreamer, but I’m Not the Only One”, a lyric from John’s Lennon’s “Imagine” eloquently expresses what we at Stardom Ensemble Creations know to be true. A nexus point in the evolution of consciousness has been reached for those of us who envision a more conscious loving world. We know that we are not alone in this, and the time has come to create a collective focus, away from conflict and decay. Our voices and hearts will be heard, standing as a creative force in the U-niverse. 


Stardom the musical, and its outgrowth, The Stardom Phenomenon, has been in development for over 40 years. It’s time has now come. We believe it is certainly among the most daring and adventuresome entertainment and consciousness-raising experiences in history.




Pre-PRODUCTION PHASE I: A pre-production of STARDOM the musical on a small and manageable scale will be presented before an audience in Austin, Texas. This developmental “workshop production” will enable us to focus on the staging, dialogue, music/lyrics and choreography, without the fantastic Dome displayed above or elaborate costumes, lighting, sets etc. This will give us valuable feedback in the development of the show. 


In 2012 a workshop production of Stardom the musical was created in San Francisco, which was quite helpful in its development.


PRODUCTION PHASE II: The second phase is the placement of the Dome here in Austin, to house the three business entities, each of which will be implemented by  individuals and companies who have proven expertise in these business endeavors and who share in the overall values and intentions of the Stardom Phenomenon. As Executive Producers (Stardom Ensemble Creations), our charge is to choose, inspire and oversee these inter-supportive business entities.


PRODUCTION PHASE III: Following our success in Austin, our intention is to create a second Stardom Phenomenon, either in Los Angeles or New York, and then continue placing the Phenomenon in permanent locations in major cities throughout the world.


PRODUCION PHASE IV: Following our financial success, Stardom Ensemble Creations will form an Adventure Capital Fund, GIV, (Global Ingenuity Ventures) to support individuals, partnerships and companies whose creations contribute to a more conscious world. 


         Dino DeFilippi




About Us


Dino DeFilippi, Creator (playwright, lyricist, director and Executive Producer) of Stardom Ensemble Creations. He was represented by The William Morris Agency New York City. As an actor he played a lead role in the major motion picture “The Cross and the Switchblade”, directed by Don Murray. In New York, at the age of 26, he had the honor of directing Geraldine Page (Two time Academy Award Winner for Best Actress) and her husband, Rip Torn in his acclaimed version of Macbeth. Mr. DeFilippi acted and directed in over twelve Shakespearean plays for the Southern Shakespeare Repertory Company. Following his career in Hollywood and New York he taught acting, directing and speech at the University of Miami, where he had received a BA in psychology and an MA in Drama.

Dino DeFilippi (Founder of ACT, Authentic Communication Transformation, He is a business consultant, Master Life and Executive Growth Facilitator with extensive experience consulting Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Sony, Citibank, Jackson National Life Insurance, and others such as Thrivefp of Austin, Porteous Fastener Company, and Jamaican Companies: DB&G, Maddens, Cable and Wireless, Imperial Optical, JMMB. He is about to publish his first book entitled, “Quest for Total Aliveness, My Return to Innocence.”

Jay Newman (Executive Producer) of Stardom Ensemble Creations. He is founder and CEO of Thrivefp, Austin Texas, a highly successful commercial real estate firm. He was President of CCIM’s Central Texas Chapter in 2010, leading over 270 local members. A Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) is a recognized expert in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate. Of the more than 150,000 commercial professionals in the United States, only an estimated six percent hold the CCIM designation.

Mr. Newman is a former Vice President of Family Entertainment for SONY Pictures, Los Angeles, California and has many successful family films to his credit.  He is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is an avid mountain biker and boater. He and his wife, Janet, enjoy spending quality time with their two boys.


Elisa Lodge (Actress and Human Potential Workshop Leader) better known these days as Wowza, has had a long and vibrant career as an actress, workshop leader and international celebrity. As a professional actor, Wowza appeared in numerous films, prime time TV, stage productions, and dozens of commercials. She trained with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in which her classmates were Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda. Two of her films were, “The Loved Ones” with Rod Steiger, and “The Bellboy” with Jerry Lewis.

An early pioneer of expressive arts therapy, sound healing and innovative bodywork, she was a group leader at Esalen Institute for twenty years where she collaborated with great pioneers Joseph Campbell, Gregory Bateson, Gabrielle Roth. Al Huang and Stan Groff.

Today, her expertise is unparalleled in coaching actors, dancers, singers and motivational speakers to bust loose of any inhibitory barriers into the authentic expression of their unlimited creative nature. 

Marcia Kimmell (Associate Director and consultant for Stardom the Musical) She is a professional actor, director, acting coach, writer and producer) with over 40 years of experience in Theater, as well as film and video. Having studied with Viola Spolin, "mother of the improvisational theater movement," at the Second City in Chicago and in LA, she performs and is a master teacher of improvisational Theater Games.  Her most successful, original theater piece, “LEFTOVERS, the Ups & Downs of a Compulsive Eater,” was produced off-Broadway.   She has taught at the American Conservatory Theatre, SF, Cogswell Polytechnical College's Digital Motion Picture Department and other Bay Area Film schools.  As adjunct faculty, she taught Improvisational Theater Games for Drama Therapists at Antioch University's Drama Therapy Masters' Program (now at CIIS).  Kimmell founded her alternative acting school, The Next Stage in 1979 to share Improv Theater Games as an applied art form in the fields of Education, Mental Health, Business and personal empowerment and as a medium for the development of human potential.  She is founder and co-director of WINdows of Opportunity, acting, directing and video training for at-risk youth. She has been teaching and directing video production for incarcerated youth a OWH studios in Oakland.

Lauriston Watson (Set Creator) He is a Set Designer for television and film, with a list of credits including Technical Director for “the Fix”, “Great Junction”, “Safe Travel”, “Dancehall Queen” and the international productions “The Mighty Quinn”, and “In Like Flynn”. He is currently Head of the Visual Arts department at Kingston College. He lectures at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts School of Drama and Trench Town Polytechnic in Theatre Craft.

He is also is a specialist in Art Education and holds a Master’s Degree from Ohio State University.

Mr. Watson has been recognized for his contribution to Jamaican theatre by the Actor Boy Awards and the Caribbean Hall of Fame.

Larry’s other passion is football. He is married and has one daughter.


Kira Erika Jones (Costume Creator) Kirsten Ericka Jones is an artist, costume/wardrobe designer/director providing hands-on-making, collaboration and consulting to theatrical companies and individuals who seek creative facilitation and support for their projects.  Her commitment is to create beauty and functionality in the world and Kirsten loves to do that in collaboration with others. 

Kirsten has twenty plus years of experience in designing and making costumes for the theater stage, walk-around and individual commissions, as well as soft props and set design.  Her decade of experience as a performer and her ongoing career as an artist contributes to a proven and consistent ability to translate a director’s or client’s artistic vision in to satisfying, tangible designs.  

With her extensive background in general business, team and project management, Kirsten’s excellent communication and organizational skills are strong support for any artistic project becoming reality. She is also a Hendricks Institute certified coach as well as a Leadership and Transformation Program graduate. Her embodied commitment to the power of wonder and curiosity fuels a vivid intuition and playful imagination.


Examples of her work include costume design for stage and screen productions, custom-made, walk-around costumes; hand-held/soft props, and assemblage wall-art and fabric installations.  

Some of Kirsten’s experience includes: Costume Designer & Maker: OM: A Tale of Good and Evil; world premier; Lobero Theater; Santa Barbara, CA; Boxtales Theatre Company, Timo Beckwith, Production Designer; Jeff Mills, Dir. • Creativity Consultant, Costume Design: Imagine Where You Can Go! Dallas, TX commercial music video; Cameron Duddy, Dir., Artists & Derelicts Prod Co.; Poo Pourri, Client. • Artist, Co-Designer, Production Manager: IMPECCABLE!: The Integrity Deck; An educational and inspirational deck of collage cards; Ojai, CA; Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, Author, Co-Designer, Producer • Costume Designer, Maker: Piezoelectric Love: The (half) Life of Marie Curie; UCSB Theater & Dance Dept., Santa Barbara, CA; Jeff Mills, Dir. • Spatial Design Consultant: The Yoga Collective; Santa Monica, CA • Artist, Designer, Producer: Thresholds, A Woman Birthing Herself; installation art show, Santa Barbara, CA; • Costume Director, Revels: A Victorian Christmas; Lobero Theatre; Santa Barbara Revels Theatre Company, Maggie Mixell, Artistic Dir. • Assistant Costume Designer: As You Like It; American Players Theater, Spring Green, WI; Robert Morgan Costume Designer, James Bohnen, Dir. 
















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