Cunning. Baffling. Powerful.

Insanity Made Material

Sankto Empirical is a creative workshop and think tank, specializing in ludicrous experiences. Our menu is vast, but includes pop-up events, performance happenings, alternate reality projects, unique design and writing, artifact crafting, illusions, theatrical production, publishing, web and application development, product creation, and so on. If it caters to weirdos or brings awe, we do it.


Tonight, Everything.

Sankto Empirical believes in the necessity of art. Our goal is to always create unusual projects that will keep the public guessing; the experiences that people talk about, think about, and never forget. Hit us up with literally any semblance of an idea and we'll feed.


Cheap Thrills. No Quiche, No Ferns.

We aim to create accessible projects, so we keep our costs low by using open-source tools whenever available, including Linux, Gimp, Scribus, etc.

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Contact Information

tel. 808.800.0895