Past Auditions with The Baron's Men

Auditions for Henry IV, Part 1, by The Baron's Men
Jun. 01 - Jun. 08 (2018)
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!   Players of Savory OR Unsavory Character & Plucky ... Read more »

Auditions for The Curate Shakespeare As You Like It, by The Baron's Men
Jan. 02 - Jan. 03 (2018)

This unusual piece is subtitled "The record of one company's attempt to perform the ...

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Auditions for Doctor Faustus, by Baron's Men
May. 23 (2016)

When does desire…desire for anything…become too deep, too overwhelming, too much to ignore?  The answers ...

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Auditions for Richard III AND The Lark, by Baron's Men
Oct. 18 (2015)

The Baron's Men are proud to announce auditions for Richard III and Jean Anouilh ...

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Auditions for The Trojan Women, by the Baron's Men
Mar. 04 - Mar. 05 (2015)

One of Euripides’ greatest works, not to mention one of the greatest anti-war plays of ...

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