Austin Summer Musical for Children

Providing free theatrical performances for the children of Central Texas since 1987

The Austin Summer Musical for Children (ASMC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal it is to provide live musical theatre productions for the children of Central Texas as a way of fostering community, building interest and enriching the lives of children through music and theatre.

The production is presented free of charge.  The show is a fully costumed and choreographed musical under the artistic direction of Ron Dodson.  It is written, planned and performed by a board of community volunteers who share their free time to ensure that the children of Austin and Central Texas will be treated to a quality show.  17 free public performances, produced for children ages 3-10, will allow about 2400 children in Central Texas to have the chance to experience live musical theatre. In doing this, we are contributing to the arts education of our young people, building the audiences of tomorrow, and having a good time doing it!

Our cast features a talented, costumed amateur group, performing stories and music that children are sure to enjoy.  Our volunteers draw from many other community groups including Chorus Austin, River City Pops, Austin Singers, the Round Rock Community Choir - to name a few.  The board of directors, cast and production crew of the show all share the same love: the love of performing and opening up the magical world of theatre to all the young and young at heart.

All donations to ASMC go directly for production of the event.  The performances are free, and the actors, stage crew and support staff are all volunteers.  The donations are used to rent the theater, pay the fees of a few contractors critical to the production (Artistic Director, Choreographer, Accompanist, Light & Sound Technicians, etc), and pay for costumes, sets and some marketing.

Austin Summer Musical for Children has had a long and successful history of satisfying its mission, and its audiences.  ASMC is a Texas corporation, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Subsequent to our incorporation, we have successfully staged these productions:

2014: “The Wizard of Oz-Young Performers Edition”
2013: “Peter Pan and His Lost Shadow”
2012: “Alice in Wonderland”
2011: “The Curious Case of Rumpelstiltskin”
2010: “Pirates of Pedernales”
2009: “Pinocchio”
2008: “Sour Grapes”
2007: “And the DISH Ran Away with the SPOON”
2006: “Bonkers’ Magic Toy Factory”
2005: “Peter Pan and His Lost Shadow”
2004: “Fractured Fairies and Tails”
2003: “Once Upon Another Book – Alice’s Wonderland”

These productions represent only the most recent history of this organization.  Prior to 2003, the Austin Summer Musical for Children was an unincorporated arm of another local group. We staged our productions as part of their seasonal programming.

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