SNL sketches
by Emily Kathleen

Feb. 16 - Mar. 01

SNL style unscripted skits - comedy's must have the one,two, three comedy bam.

Director Emily Kathleen is looking for 2-3 improv actors to do SNL style unscripted skits on friday-Sundays by weekly filming at ACC campus. We would use our HD cell phones to shoot it and Emily would direct and edit.

Emily shot and directed a skit like this for Macy Gray on her HD phone it turned out great. She will also act in it. Emily has done this for her mentor Macy Gray and it turned out great. Emily's film she wrote, star in and direct has played at SXSW, and film festivals around the world including LA, NYC, and London.

This is an unpaid opportunity but when the skit is done you will get a copy of the edited version for your reel. Actors in the skit will collaborate qith the idea with Emily and we will come up with a story line and game plan. These skits are SNL style comedy's must have the one,two, three comedy bam.

Emily opened for Fred Stroller at flappers comedy club in Los Angeles and great at improv comedy. 

Example of what Emily has directed is:

Email to Collab on this. Subject title "UNSCRIPTED SNL SKITS"  Actors send headshots and resumes and a short bio of why there a great fit for this.