Self Portraits 4
by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Dec. 04 - Dec. 05 (2023)

Self Portraits performances are Bottle Alley's most popular shows and our most direct connection to our DIY and punk roots. Self Portraits is our take on a popular late-night Chicago show's format, in which the ensemble writes and performs thirty original pieces in a random order each night. Some of the pieces are funny. Some are sad. Some are non-verbal. But they are all bonded together through themes of honesty and brevity. The result can best be described as barely controlled chaos. An unhinged amount of raw expression. We like to say that this is a good show for people with something to get off of their chest. And with all that is going on in the world currently, we feel like there is no better time than now to do this show again.

Bottle Alley Theatre Company shall be holding open auditions on December 4 and 5 for our upcoming production of Self Portraits 4.

Here are some reviews from Self Portraits 2 in case you want to get a better understanding of the show:  

CTX Live Theatre:

Broadway World: 

Auditions will consist of a three- to five-minute-long piece, created by you. In this piece you won't be playing a character, but will rather just be yourself. What that piece is is entirely up to you. You can sing us a song, perform a dance piece, speak, not speak, improvise, whatever you want! The most important aspects of your audition are that you come as yourself with a piece that you created, and whatever that piece is is an extension of something true (something that actually happened to you, or an expression of something you genuinely feel). When considering a piece, we ask that you think of the title of the show -- Self Portraits. When you look in the mirror, both as an artist and as a person, what do you see? What is it that you want us to know about you? And how do you express that to us onstage?

It is important to note that Self Portraits 4 will serve as a performance to raise funds to support the remaining three shows of our season. So performers will not receive a stipend for this show but will be compensated in different ways (tickets for the rest of the shows this season, merch, huge cast party, we're still working it out but stuff like that!). 


1) Click HERE to sign up for your audition time here (on either Monday OR Tuesday) and

2) Please email a headshot and resume to

Auditions will take place Monday, December 4th, 2023 and Tuesday December 5th from 7 to 9 pm at Space Recording & Rehearsal Studio (7915 Menchaca Rd).

Rehearsals will begin in early January with performances taking place at Pershing Hall in March.

Sarah Hogestyn will direct Self Portraits 4.

About Us: Bottle Alley Theatre Company is a DIY punk theatre company specializing in found space theatre. We have been staging strictly strange work in increasingly odd and beautiful places since 2012. You can find out more about us at