Las Nuevas Tamaleras
by Las Nuevas Tamaleras

May. 08 - May. 19

The charming Christmas play has entertained audiences in San Antonio for MORE than 26 years and is considered as much a tradition as, “The Nutcracker”, “A Christmas Carol”, and “It’s A Wonderful Life” with many families making it part of their annual holiday ritual with fans anxiously awaiting its return year after year! 

For more than a quarter of a century, San Antonio audiences have enjoyed seeing themselves reflected on stage by the characters of Silvia, Josie and Patsy in their uproariously comical attempt at their first tamalada while the spirits of Doña Mercedes and Doña Juanita add to excitement and drama as they join the new tamaleras in an amusing power struggle about whose recipe makes the perfect tamal. Centered around friendship, family and comradery, the play makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you proud! 

Submissions for auditions are open for the roles of Patsy and Understudy.

Must be available Sept./Oct. to rehearse, the first week /weekend of November to tour and first two weekends in December for SA run.

Callbacks will be Sun. May 28, 2023 and Mon. May 29th.

Request: video to be full body Reach out for questions to email below.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

(via Las Nuevas Tamaleras)