Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven
by Vortex Repertory Theatre

Feb. 26 - Mar. 12

Annie Jump is a 13-year-old science genius whose alien-obsessed father is the laughingstock of Strawberry, KS. One night in August, a meteor falls, and Annie meets Althea, an intergalactic supercomputer that manifests itself in the form of a mean girl with really great hair. Althea’s here to help Annie take humanity from the earth to the stars, but being the Chosen One isn’t all glory.

The VORTEX is seeking actors for their upcoming production of ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN, directed by Marcus McQuirter and Rudy Ramirez. The production is part of the rolling premier organized by the New Play Exchange.

This performance will be staged outdoors at The VORTEX and the Carver Museum from Friday, June 4th through July 10th, 2021all performance times 8:00 pm.

All performances and rehearsals will be conducted in accordance with VORTEX safety policy regarding COVID-19 protocols; actors will be required to sign and abide by a safety contract upon the acceptance of a role. Actors will be compensated $3000 for rehearsals and the run of the show.

Please submit a one-minute video audition with a contemporary comedic monologue of your choosing via email to Clarissa Smith ( by 11 pm on *Friday, March 12th*.


YOUTH CHARACTERS (available both to young actors and adult actors who can play teens)

ANNIE: (Black, 13), a spunky science genius who loves her dad and the night sky

ALTHEA: (Black, 15-18), a teen queen-bee who turns out to be an alien computer sent to be Annie’s snarky mentor

KJ: (Black, 13-15), a nerdy kid who wants to be cool (he isn’t)


DR. JUMP: (Black, 30-45), a devoted dad obsessed with aliens, still struggling with his mental health after his wife’s death

MRS GOMEZ: (Latina, any race, 25-55), a Spanish teacher who should be a science teacher that nurtures Annie’s potential


Deadline: 11 pm on Friday, March 12th

Submission Email: