by Rosedale Shakespeare

Mar. 30 - Apr. 04 (2019)

Something for Nothing Theater announces auditions for Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, a play that explores the human potential for redemption. A sprawling fairytale complete with wicked stepmother, kidnapped princes, secret poison, and magical eagle, Cymbeline shows what happens when powerful men lack faith in young women. A romance that transcends class boundaries leads to a young man’s exile and his wife’s peril. Will our heroine find a way to triumph in a world that does not value or believe her?

Something for Nothing Theater is excited to announce auditions for Cymbeline!

Actors of all races, genders, and physical abilities strongly encouraged to attend. Don't feel like you have the "traditional" Shakespearean look, body type, or personality? Please come show us who you are! We want to see you. We're seeking dedicated, creative, versatile performers to play multiple roles. All roles except that of Cloten are open. We encourage performers to audition for any characters (regardless of gender, age, etc.).

The show will run Thursday-Saturday, June 6th-22. Rehearsals begin April 22nd and are most often M-W evenings and Saturday mornings. Rehearsals and performances take place in an outdoor environment.

Auditions will consist of a one-minute prepared classical monologue and cold readings from the script. If you would like to be considered for a singing role, please prepare one minute or less of a song (to be sung a cappella). If you play instruments, please bring them! Auditions will be held March 30 and 31st, 2019 from 10am to 1pm, and April 4 from 7 to 10pm at the pavilion in Ramsey Park (4301 N. Rosedale Avenue). Callbacks will be on April 13th from 10am to 1 pm at the same location. All roles are paid. 

To sign up for an audition time, follow the link and add your name and contact info to the Google doc. Then email your headshot and resume to There is no need to have printed headshots on the day of the auditions.

Sign up here:

After signing up for an appointment, please come prepared with a one-minute classical monologue. Auditions will also include cold readings from the script, so familiarity with the play and characters is recommended. Head shots, resumes, and questions should be directed to