Little Bird
by Heartland Theatre Collective

Feb. 25 (2018)

Little Bird is a haunting, feverish tale of two young girls living on a bayou in east Texas. As they grow, they become aware of the presence of ghosts and the eyes of something dangerous watching them behind looming cypress trees. The story takes place over eight years, focusing in on specific traumas the girls encounter through nightmarish, fantastical montages, and realistic, heartfelt moments. It also incorporates dance, poetic language, and live music. Little Bird explores friendship, trauma, and and the dangers of growing up in a girl’s body.

Little Bird will premiere June 7 – 10, 13 – 16, 2018 at the Dougherty Arts Center.

Current creative team members include Marian Kansas (Director), Katy Matz (Producer and Dramaturg), and PJ Kelly (Costume Designer).

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The Heartland Theatre Collective seeks three female actors, one male actor, one stage manager, one lighting designer, one set designer, one choreographer, and one musician for Little Bird, a new play by Nicole Oglesby and directed by Marian Kansas. Little Bird will be performed at the Dougherty Arts Center Thursdays- Saturdays at 7:30 pm, June 7th-16th.


Audition Information for Actors:

We are seeking 3 female actors age 18+ who can play teenagers and 1 male actor age 30-45 who can play multiple characters.


Rehearsals will take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings with weekend rehearsals as needed from mid-April-June 5th. Actors will be asked to provide scheduling conflicts at auditions.


Initial auditions will take place on February 25th from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm by appointment and callbacks will take place on February 26th from 7:00-10:00 pm. Auditions and callbacks will take place at The Space (7915 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745) in Room 6. Audition slides and a PDF of the script will be provided upon scheduling an audition appointment. Please email for an audition appointment with “Little Bird Auditions” in the subject line, and attach a headshot and resume.


Actors will be paid a stipend for their work on Little Bird plus a bonus if the company meets a certain amount of profit in ticket sales.


Information for Designers, Choreographers, and Musicians:

We are seeking a stage manager, lighting designer, set designer, choreographer, and musician who can improvise on a stringed instrument such as a cello or violin for Little Bird.

  • The stage manager will be required to attend rehearsals Monday-Wednesday evenings from early April and through the performances in June as well as weekly production meetings on Sunday afternoons.
  • The designers need to attend regular production meetings on Sunday evenings.
  • The choreographer should be able to attend approximately 7 rehearsals from April to June.
  • The musician should be able to attend approximately 10-12 rehearsals from April-June and all performances.


Interested technical collaborators, choreographers, and musicians should send their resume and any available supporting materials such as photos of previous work to A PDF of the script is also available upon request.

All collaborators will be paid a stipend for their work on Little Bird plus a bonus if the company meets a certain amount of profit in ticket sales.

The Heartland Theatre Collective was founded in 2016 by Nicole Oglesby and Marian Kansas in order to produce new plays about Texan women from the past, present, and future. Our plays possess a unique brand of emotionality that utilizes playfulness, thoughtful critiques of social issues, and warm, empowering relationships between female characters. Our first play, Dust, received critical acclaim and was featured in the article “Best of live theater in Austin: A Critic’s 2016 favorites” by Andrew Friedenthal in the Austin American Statesman. Additional accolades for members of the production include a nomination for the Austin Critic’s Table’s David Mark Cohen New Play award for Nicole Oglesby’s script and a B. Iden Payne award nomination for outstanding supporting actress in a drama for Allison Wojtowecz’s performance. More information about our company and upcoming show can be found on our website,