I'm Very Into You
by Vortex Repertory Theatre

Jan. 11 - Jan. 18 (2018)

I’m Very Into You is a stage adaptation of the published email correspondence between legendary feminist punk author Kathy Acker and Australian media theorist McKenzie Wark. In 1995--at the dawn of the internet- the two met in Sydney, Australia and fell into a fast and
furious love affair. I’m Very Into You is their email epistolary immediately following Acker’s return home to San Francisco. In a two-week email frenzy, Acker and Wark use their own relationship as a case study to examine sexuality, gender, power, and culture as they attempt to keep their connection alive across thousands of miles.

Read by a large ensemble and interspersed with true contemporary stories of gender fuckery, queer desire, and online love, I’m Very Into You reenacts this legacy of 90s queer feminist romance and online love as it honors the late great Kathy Acker. The piece will be read (not memorized), with some light staging and live media design.


NYC-based director Sara Lyons seeks a diverse ensemble of performers for I’m Very Into You as part of OUTsider at The VORTEX Theatre, February 14-18th, 2018. Performers and actors with all levels of experience and of all gender identities/expressions are encouraged to submit!

Performers with backgrounds in theater, performance art, nightlife, film, etc are all welcome, as are performers of all gender identities & expression. Interested performers should email director Sara Lyons at salexandral@gmail.com with a resume or description of your experience, a photo and/or videos of previous work, and a brief message speaking to your interest in the content of the piece. Please also indicate your availability over the rehearsal period. The piece will be cast on a rolling basis; submissions are appreciated as soon as possible.

Performers will receive a small stipend.
Rehearsal: ​February 13-18, TBD (total 10-12 hours)
Performance: ​February 18th, 1 pm, The Vortex Theatre

About Sara Lyons: 

— with Sara Lyons.