All My Sons
by St. Philip's College

Jun. 06 (2017)

Joe Keller, a successful businessman, lives comfortably with his wife, Kate, and son, Chris, in a suburban American neighborhood. They have only one sadness in their lives – the loss of their other son, Larry, who went missing in World War II. After three years, Kate still clings to the hope that her son is alive.

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Vincent Hardy directs

Tuesday June 6th at 7 pm.  
Production/Performance Dates: November 10th through November 19th
Sides will be provided
Characters Needed: Joe Keller-60's good natured businessman
Kate Keller-his wife, nervous, delusional
Chris Keller- idealistic, guilty war hero
Ann Deaver-formerly Larry Kellers fiancee, now Chris'
George Deaver-Ann's bitter brother
Dr. Jim Bayliss-neighborhood doctor
Sue Bayliss-Jim's wife, mercenary
Frank Lubey-neighbor, interested in Astrology
Lydia Lubey- now married to Frank but formerly George's gf
Bert-neighborhood kid
Location: 1801 Martin Luther King Drive, San Antonio, Texas, 78203
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Contact/More Information: Vincent Hardy
210 214-3116



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